June 17, 2024

One Year Ago

Today marks a special milestone: one year since I led my first walking tour.

Launching on June 17th last year was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. You may have heard me say that if I had waited until I felt 100% ready, I probably never would have started. It’s true. Making the start date public by posting it on the blog was scary, but it was the best decision.

It’s fun to look back on that first tour. It was me, some family members, and a few curious individuals who gave me reason to think free walking tours in Downtown Albuquerque might have potential.

I would go on to promote the heck out of my Then & Now Downtown Walking Tour, with an invitation for guests to “get to know Downtown Albuquerque’s history—on foot and in just one hour!”

The feedback and excitement from that first tour were overwhelming, set the tone for an incredible year and eventually lead to the development this year of three all new tour offerings. If you haven’t been on one yet, check the Walking Tours page for dates, descriptions, and registration.


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Here's to another year of exploring Albuquerque together!

Hasta pronto!


June 01, 2024

Join me in June

The month of June holds a special place in my life.

It’s my birthday month, it’s the month to celebrate Pride, and now it marks the anniversary of Follow Eric Walking Tours.

When I launched my first tour on June 17th last year, I made a bold commitment to offer tours on a weekly basis, a promise I was able to keep through the end of the growers’ market season. This success was thanks to strategic partnerships with the Albuquerque Downtown Growers’ Market and the Rail Yards Market, as well as the overwhelmingly positive response from all of you.

This year, I’ve adjusted the schedule to strike a balance between offering regular tours and keeping some weekends free. Instead of weekly tours, I’m excited to present three distinct tours, each available once a month. This change allows me to provide more enriching and diverse experiences throughout the season.

Here’s the new schedule:

Downtown Century Stroll

  • When: Every Second Saturday through October
  • Description: Step back in time and explore the bustling streets of downtown Albuquerque as they were a century ago. This immersive tour offers a glimpse into the city's rich history and vibrant past.

Century of Steam Rail Yards Tour

  • When: Every First Sunday through October
  • Description: Delve into the vibrant history of Albuquerque's Rail Yards during the 1920s. This tour highlights the architecture, stories, and significance of these historic structures in shaping our city’s past.

Artwalk Murals Tour

  • When: Every Artwalk through September (ABQ Artwalk is generally held on the First Friday of the month, but not always)
  • Description: Dive into the colorful world of downtown murals during the monthly ABQ Artwalk festivities. These tours showcase the diverse array of murals adorning the streets of Downtown Albuquerque, providing insights into the artists and stories behind each masterpiece.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the specific dates each tour is offered so you don't miss out. I encourage you to book your spots early as each tour will only be available once a month.

For all the details on upcoming tours, including dates, descriptions, and registration links, visit the tour info page on my blog. Stay informed and secure your spot today!

Thank you for your continued support, and I can't wait to explore Albuquerque's fascinating history with you soon!

Hasta pronto!


May 09, 2024

The biggest tour yet

I remember when I offered my first tour in June of 2023, I was thrilled to have nine guests show up—even if some of them were related to me.

The momentum kept up for a while, but there were some days with one or two, or sometimes zero guests, which was not entirely unexpected. I'm truly happy to give a tour for even just one person, but it's always exciting to see up to a dozen people show up.

So you can imagine my surprise when, by the end of last Friday's murals tour, we were up to 20 guests! The tour actually grew as folks joined in after the first couple of stops until we had a small crowd of nearly two dozen meandering through alleyways and grouping up in front of murals on Gold and Copper and behind buildings and in parking lots.

It was a motivating start to a busy weekend. Just a couple of days later, I launched the first of this year’s monthly Century of Steam Rail Yards Tours. It was a joyous occasion, marked by sunny weather and the familiar hum of excitement that accompanies the Rail Yards' Opening Day. It was heartening to see both new faces and familiar ones, some of whom have been part of the market for a decade. If you missed it, the Century of Steam Tours will be held on the Second Sunday of the month through the market season.

As we look ahead to this weekend, I hope you’ll make plans to join me for the Downtown Century Stroll this Saturday. It's your one chance this month to join me for a one-hour tour exploring Downtown Albuquerque through its 100-year-old architecture. We'll be meeting at Robinson Park, home of the Downtown Growers' Market, at 9 am. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive into the rich history of our city!

Learn more and register for free here.

Hasta pronto!